Security Basics

My brother called me in a panic. He frantically explained that his email and possibly his social media accounts were compromised. I explained what he needed to do and told him he should do it immediately. A while back my wife’s car got broken into, they didn’t steal anything of value, but they did takeContinue reading “Security Basics”

Hackberry Pi

Installing Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi If you haven’t used, Kali Linux is an excellent tool for penetration testing. It’s widely used by Information Security experts and can help determine vulnerabilities in your environment. You do need to know how to use all the tools that come pre-installed in order for you to testContinue reading “Hackberry Pi”

Introduce Yourself

This is a blog website that was started by University of Houston Cybersecurity students/professionals. This was started on a whim and will be upheld a group od cybersecurity students turned professional. This website will be focused on Cybersecurity tips, lessons learned, news, ideas, and information. The articles will be posted by Cybersecurity students, professionals, andContinue reading “Introduce Yourself”

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